Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Hello my name is Lisa and thank you for checking out our nine canaries website. We are just in the process of updating it and I am very excited to announce that we almost have an online shop running where you are able to purchase both sweet and savoury plant based foods. nine canaries was a little idea I had whilst teaching at a primary school. I was burnt out from teaching and was looking at other options that I could pursue. Being plant based myself, the idea came to me whilst out going for a morning run in Melbourne. I noticed how popular raw desserts was becoming in Melbourne and that I could see there was a massive gap in my own town Albury, NSW. It was being done... but not very well. I started experimenting at home as a side hustle and would feed my treats to my family and work colleagues to get some feedback and well, the rest is history. Fast forward a couple of years and obviously I am no longer a school teacher - and now I have my own shop on the main street of Albury. My wonderful little team and I not only make a wide variety of raw desserts, but we also make savoury foods and bake sweets.

Everything you will find in our shop is not only plant based, but also gluten free and refined sugar free (all but a couple of desserts). We also make delicious plant based smoothies and coffees using Mansfield Coffee Merchant beans. Make sure to pop in and say hi at Shop 3/586 Dean Street Albury!


Shop 3/586 Dean Street Albury


Tel: 0413 572 275



Mon-Fri: 7.30am-2.00pm

WSat: 7.30am-12.00pm 

   Sun: closed           

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